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introducing your new wallet

Wallet: A wallet is a small flat case that can carry such personal items as cash, credit cards and identification documents.


Everything you need is

right here!

Out of all the wallets I have used, this is it! This wallet is all I will ever carry again.

Josh Canter

I bought one for my Dad, he loves it, he uses it all the time.

Tyson Gander

I bought two, mine is the gunmetal and really awesome and my girlfriend wanted the gold one. We use them daily and love them. Thanks!

Ted Lawson

Holds up to 50 notes &


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This clip is awesome!! Simplicity at it's finest. I've used both money clips and wallets, but to combine the two is genius.

This is a very durable item and really a lifetime purchase. This is super easy to use and holds everything very securely and orderly.

Lee Mitchell

  • take it everywhere



Far more easier than a leather wallet, quicker access to your cash and it can easily be put into my front pocket. I've never worried about cards falling out and getting cards in or out is a breeze. I've received several comments and compliments on my clip. Thank-you

Justin Cameron

I've had this money clip for about 2 years now. I'm able to hold 4 credit cards, plus my ID. On the other side I've had about 20 bills plus 5 business cards all at once. This is a very good, well made product. I carry mine in my suit jacket.

Tim Beleck




“it's the best wallet in the world “

Donny Smith